Survey Questions & What They Really Mean

We appreciate you taking the time to do the survey. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions.

This survey primarily groups three of the most common concerns about your brain:
a) The Ability to Focus,

b) Normal Forgetfulness,

c) Long Term Memory.

Our objective is to help you become more conscious of your brain and how little things can affect its performance, as well as alert you on the differences between normal forgetfulness and serious memory problems that can be a early signs of dementia.Focus Related Problems:

This is the defining symptom of ADD. ADD can prevent you from properly focusing on your tasks at hand, thereby prohibiting you from recalling what you did even 30 minutes ago.

Here are common symptoms that demonstrate a lack of focus:

I have trouble sustaining attention and can be easily distracted?

I have trouble following directions that have more than one or two steps

I find it hard to concentrate, even on the simplest things.


Note: Being able to focus is one of the most important mental skills that you can acquire or even enhance. Mental focus can help you follow detailed directions as well as become a listener. These are skills that can help you at work /school as well as improve your relationships with friends and colleagues.

There are simple lifestyle changes that you can make today that can considerably improve your ability to focus.


Normal Forgetfulness and Age Related Cognitive Decline:

These are symptoms of the effects of normal aging and contribute to the occasion brain fog and the occasional ‘SENIOR MOMENT’.

From time to time, I have trouble remembering appointments

I have even forgotten to take medications or supplements

I can learn or memorize something one day but not remember it the next day

Common age related cognitive decline start occurring between age 40 to 45 and starts increasing as you reach 65. There are strategies that you can implement today that slow down, even reverse this decline if you are proactive and start early.


Serious Memory Problem That Require Immediate Medical Attention:

As you can see from the questions below, these are problems that affect your ability to function independently.

Quite often, I have trouble finding the right word to say

Forgetting common words when speaking

Mixing words up — saying “bed” instead of “table”

Getting lost while walking or driving around a familiar neighborhood

Becoming less able to follow directions

Asking the same questions repeatedly

These are problems that require a consult with a Neurologist.  A Neurologist is a doctor that specializes in brain related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.



Our purpose again is to give you an overview of the common brain related issues that pertain to memory, alertness, and performance.

The symptoms of most Americans fall into the first two categories of focus and early cognitive decline. Thankfully, we are living in an age where we can understand these problems and put ourselves in a position to fight them. We have prepared an informational video that discusses some alternatives to help you improve focus and reverse premature cognitive decline.

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