Neurotransmitter Supplement

Adequate neurotransmitter function is essential for health. They are responsible for transmitting signals between neurons, so if they are lacking a host of different problems can be caused. The presence of neurotransmitters in the body is determined by many inter-acting factors, and it can be difficult to keep a proper balance.

There are a number of different neurotransmitters each fulfilling a different purpose, but all are required for optimum health. While it is possible to survive with inadequate amounts of certain ones, body function will be impaired in some way. For peak performance all of them need to be present in optimum quantities. As they affect mood and cognition as well as physical processes, they can have profound effects on performance and attitudes.

It is not necessary to have exact amounts of all of them; it is sufficient to have levels lying in a broad range. Unfortunately many people are deficient in certain of these brain chemicals due to diet, environmental or other factors. Correcting this can be problematic, as the field is still not perfectly understood.

Two of the best known of them are probably dopamine and serotonin. One that was only recently discovered is nitric oxide, which is created and consumed almost instantaneously. There are probably others still to be identified. All of them are important, as they mediate some important physiological function, For example, nitric oxide may play a role on super-acute vision as well as other effects, which leads one to wonder whether human vision is not naturally intended to be much better than it is on average.

Taking supplements may not always be helpful in increasing levels of neurotransmitters, as there may be an interrelationship between them which is not always well understood. For example, serotonin is synthesized from tryptophan, but eating a high protein diet theoretically high in this amino acid can actually lower its levels in the body. There are also many other synergies between amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and many other nutrients.

At least the important part every neurotransmitter plays in health and correct bodily functioning has been recognized, and a lot of work is being done in this regard. In the future we may see more effective supplements on the market. At the moment it is best to eat well-balanced diet of natural foods including a full complement of amino acids and other nutrients in sufficient quantities. Try to avoid toxins and items like aspartame which are known to be bad: it does not make sense to knowingly poison yourself, even if the poison is slow-acting.


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