Strategies For Maintaining Brain Health

A healthy brain is important for people of all ages. While it is thought that people suffering from Alzheimer disease do not know what is happening to them, it is not possible to what they are really thinking and feeling. People who are psychotic certainly seem to suffer terribly from their fears and the insane images they see. Fortunately knowledge of how to maintain excellent brain health has increased.

It is known today that probably the most important case of aging and deterioration of organs is cortisol. Cortisol is produced under stress, whether it is real or perceived. With the increasing stress of modern life, many of the problems of aging are increasing. Some short term stress can be beneficial, but unremitting long-term stress is harmful, as cortisol can destroy neural connections in the brain leading to memory loss.

Meditation has been found to be an effective counter, as it fosters a tranquil state of mind with the production of beneficial hormones instead of the cortisol. For those who cannot escape stress, Siberian ginseng is also known to act as a magic bullet, suppressing the production of cortisol. These two approaches can be very effective against cortisol.

Lack of oxygen can also cause general forgetfulness. Large doses of niacin (over 1000 mg) can help dilate the capillaries with startling results. Many people do not get enough niacin in their diets, and this is known to possibly affect mental health. It has even been linked to certain cases of ADD and autism, although not everyone is helped. Regular aerobic exercise can also increase the supply of oxygen.

With the trend to moving away from animal fats in the diet, many people have diets deficient in omega-3. As this is an important constituent of the brain and nerves, it is a serious problem, especially for pregnant women as the brain is mined for omega-3 to keep the fetus supplied. Krill oil is probably the best source, with salmon oil close behind. Animal fats are better sources of omega-3 than vegetable oils as they are in the correct form (EPA and DHA) and do not have to be converted from ALA by the body.

These are only a very few of the ways of improving brain health. Generally it can be said that natural foods are more beneficial as humans have evolved to eat them over millennia. Avoid preservatives and toxins as well, although this is not always entirely possible. Making an effort can pay dividends, especially if there is a history of such problems in your family.


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